Fixed Asset Management System

Top Features of AssetKare

  • It manage your organization’s valuable assets
  • Web based, track your assets from any where.
  • Asset Tracking Application locates any asset, eliminating wasted time spent searching for missing items and unnecessary expenses to replace lost assets
  • Provide a Barcode generation utility
  • Offline and Online Asset Adding options
  • Customizable reports with designer
  • Provides a centralized area to store all the details
  • Link documents and images to your assets
  • Built in reports to maintain asset database information, including report for missing and misplaced assets


Fixed Asset Management Software

Top fixed asset management software
  • Gives complete details of assets
  • Can give financial details
  • Calculates depreciation
  • Can add asset related documents
  • Can add asset Images
  • Can add asset service details

Asset Auditing

Top fixed asset management software
  • Supports offline auditing
  • Shows the exact status of every assets
  • Easily tracks misplaced assets
  • Easily tracks the location of assets
  • Identifies newly added assets
  • Generate reports of every audits made

Asset Check In/Check Out

Top fixed asset management software
  • Records check in / check out details of a particular asset
  • Keeps history of asset
  • Check in/Check outs
  • Tracks the condition of assets during check in and check outs
  • Generate reports based on check in/ check outs.

Asset Transfers

Top fixed asset management software
  • Records asset transfers
  • Help to track the current custodian, location, department, division of a particular asset

Asset Synchronization

Top fixed asset management software
  • List all the data received from the offline module
  • Helps in adding the filtered data to the online database
  • Restricts duplicate data


Top fixed asset management software
  • Customized reports according to Organizational needs
  • Filtered data loading according to the needs
  • Excel/Pdf export options
  • Period wise data loading
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